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Lois Hurst – Curriculum Vitae

Lois Hurst

Lives & works in Lancaster, UK​


  • Certified Passive House Consultant with strong knowledge of Fabric First low-energy approaches for domestic buildings.
  • Excellent research skills, utilising scientific literature and commercial materials.
  • Proficient at experimental planning, data collection, analysis, and scientific writing, strong numerical and statistical skills.
  • Project manager, designer, quality assurance and builder for low-energy deep-retrofit home conversion project.
  • Competent technical consultant and researcher with 9 years of industrial experience in energy from waste, renewable energy and environmental sciences.


  • Institute of Environmental Sciences 
  • Energy Institute
  • Association for Environment Conscious Building

Education & Courses

2019 – Passive House Designer course with AECB Carbonlite/WARM

2019 – AECB Carbonlite online THERM course

2016 – AECB Carbonlite Retrofit

2010 – 2012  MRes, Science of the Environment, Lancaster University

2005 – 2008 BSc, Environmental Science, Lancaster University


2017 – present; PhD Student at Heriot Watt University

Researching retrofit design and the life cycle energy balance of domestic buildings at the Schools of Engineering and Physical Sciences, and Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society​

2008 – 2017; Stopford Energy & Environment

I led Stopford’s waste team, providing expertise in regulation, waste treatment technologies, and waste characterisation, with an emphasis on problem wastes, and often exploring options for energy recovery. I worked with clients to develop bespoke waste treatment solutions, address their regulatory obligations, and conducted technical feasibility studies. I worked on numerous and varied research projects with Unviversity partners, ranging from development and testing of waste-derived agricultural products, to development of a novel microwave plasma gasification system to treat waste and provide energy.